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Toi et moi à jamais Ann Brashares

Toi et moi à jamais

Ann Brashares

Published 2011
ISBN : 9782070619399
Mass Market Paperback
390 pages
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 About the Book 

Im only halfway through with this but I already have some thoughts:1. If this had come out while I was in high school, I would have LOVED it. You would have seen me clutching it all moony-eyed for days. So when the reviews say that this is for the fans of the traveling pants series who are all grown up now-- no, I dont think so. I think its for the young ladies who are just getting into the traveling pants. I like to think that Im still in touch enough with my 16-year-old self that I still like the same books, but now I like to be impressed a little more. I also like to be made to laugh, and thats not happening here either.2. Its a slow, quiet love story. It almost seems to me like Brashares could have put this in a different time- turn of the century, something Wharton-esque, and the love story aspect would have come out splendidly. Because the characters are so tortured. It still works now, Im just not used to seeing so much torture in the present day.3. Several times Ive caught myself rereading a particular sentence over and over, and I think, what a lovely sentence. With all the lovely sentences in there, I cant figure out why Im not more impressed with the writing.4. Maybe because she insists on justifying her characters so much. Everything they do is agonized over and defended.5. And they ask so many questions. Every time we go into Pauls head, he is asking a zillion questions, but he usually winds up answering them in the next paragraph. He is a quick learner, that Paul.6. Having finished it, I dont really feel like adding any more to this...meh.