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Joseph Smith: An American Prophet John Henry Evans

Joseph Smith: An American Prophet

John Henry Evans

Published 1946
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 About the Book 

Here is a man who was born in the stark hills of Vermont- who was reared in the backwoods of New York- who never looked inside a college or high school- who lived in six States, no one of which would own him during his lifetime- who spent months in the vile prisons of the period- who, even when he had his freedom, was hounded like a fugitive- who was covered once with a coat of tar and feathers, and left for dead- who, with his following, was driven by irate neighbors from New York to Ohio, from Ohio to Missouri, and from Missouri to Illinois- and who, at the unripe age of thirty-eight, was shot to death by a mob with painted faces.Yet this man became mayor of the biggest town in Illinois and the states most prominent citizen, the commander of the largest body of trained soldiers in the nation outside the Federal army, the founder of cities and of a university, and aspired to become President of the United States.He wrote a book which has baffled the literary critics for a hundred years and which is today more widely read than any other volume save the Bible. On the threshold of an organizing age he established the most nearly perfect social mechanism in the modern world, and developed a religious philosophy that challenges anything of the kind in history, for completeness and cohesion. And he set up the machinery for an economic system that would take the brood of Fears out of the heart of man—the fear of want through sickness, old age, unemployment, and poverty.In thirty nations are men and women who look upon him as a greater leader than Moses and a greater prophet than Isaiah. His disciples now number close to a million- and already a granite shaft pierces the sky over the place where he was born, and another over the place where he is credited with having received the inspiration for his Book.