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Last Algonquin Theodore L. Kazimiroff

Last Algonquin

Theodore L. Kazimiroff

Published October 1st 1983
ISBN : 9780440346661
Mass Market Paperback
0 pages
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 About the Book 

Pelham Bay Park, the Bronx. As recently as 1924, a lone Algonquin Indian lived quietly in this wild, isolated corner of New York City. Joe Two Trees was the last of his people, and this is the gripping story of his bitter struggle, remarkable courage, and constant quest for dignity and peace. By the 1840s most of the members of Joes Turtle Clan had either been killed or sold into slavery, and by the age of thirteen he was alone in the world. He made his way into Manhattan but was forced to flee after killing a robber in self defense- from there, he found backbreaking work in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Finally, around the time of the Civil War, Two Trees realized that there was no place for him in the White world and returned to his birthplace to live out his life alone. Many years later, as an old man, he entrusted his legacy to the young Boy Scout who became his only friend, and here that young boys son passes it on to us.